Lawn Treatments

Lawn Treatments
Lawn Treatment Program

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Lawn treatments from Roy's Mowing Service will help to thicken and green up your turf. These services include:

  • Lawn fertilization
  • Seeding and overseeding
  • Aerating
  • Dethatching
  • Crabgrass/weed spraying
  • Grub and pest control
  • Soil amending

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Lawn Fertilization

Regular lawn fertilization is one of the keys to maintaining a healthy, beautiful lawn. Grass needs three elemental nutrients to nourish and protect it. These nutrients are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Each lawn is different, and the ideal blend of these three nutrients will vary from lawn to lawn.

Our lawn fertilization experts have years of experience treating lawns of all shapes and sizes.  We will select the best fertilizer for the specific needs of your lawn.

Lawn Aerating

One of the best things you can do for your lawn is to aerate it on a regular basis. Lawn aerating is best done in the spring or fall, and usually takes place once or twice per year, depending on the need. Lawn aeration is the process of insuring that air, water, and nutrients can get to the roots of your grass. This allows for a better exchange of nutrients, which promotes healthier grass and a more rich, lush lawn.

If you haven't aerated your lawn in a while, your soil is probably highly compacted. Compacted soil hinders root penetration and development making the lawn more susceptible to damage through drought, disease, or insects.

The aerating process is simple. Our lawn care technicians use a specifically designed core aeration machine that bores evenly spaced holes in your lawn. The cores of dirt and thatch that are removed are then deposited on the surface. These will decompose back into the soil in about a week, recycling their nutrients into the lawn. Meanwhile all those good things like air, water, and fertilizer can get down to the roots of your grass, strengthening your lawn and stimulating root growth.

Seeding & Over-seeding

If your lawn is looking a little sparse, our lawn seeding / overseeding service may be just what you need. Most lawns require additional seed applications every year or so, and a quick seed treatment is usually all that's needed to get your lawn looking lovely once again.

If there are bare patches or bald spots in your yard, our technicians will start by preparing the ground for a seed application. They will then seed the area to match the rest of your lawn. Soil and light conditions need to be matched with the strains of grass best suited to thrive in those situations.

For cases where your overall grass cover is thinner than ideal, we would conduct an overseeding treatment. Overseeding involves an even distribution of new grass seed over your existing lawn. This will result in a thicker, healthier turf that will be more durable and far better looking.


Over time, little bits and pieces of grass die and gather just above the soil. This is called thatch. A little bit of thatch can be beneficial. It's organic material that is broken down by microbes in the soil. But sometimes, thatch builds up too fast for natural processes to break it down. It forms a barrier, keeping moisture and air from going where your grass needs it. When a thatch layer is more than 1/2 inch thick, it’s time to dethatch.

Weed control

One of the main goals of lawn care is to protect again weed infiltrations. Our weed control service is second to none. Three of the most common lawn weeds are: crabgrass, dandelions, and white clover. These weeds steal resources and nutrients meant for your lawn and can expand rapidly.

When it comes to combating weeds, the best defense is often a good offense. This means keeping your lawn thick and healthy to keep weeds from having room to grow. Don't let your lawn and garden fall prey to weeds.  It is important to pull these weeds before they start to seed or develop deep roots.


Pricing for these services varies depending on the scope of work. Call us today at (417)-540-7865 or fill out the Request an Estimate Form to begin the process.